We organize these themes in different neighborhoods and with different options. Click each time on the title for more information. If you prefer a neighborhood walk, choose Brussels Bazaar - neighborhoods .


GRL PWR | Entrepreneurial women

Here we go in search of the enterpreneurial women in Brussels and tell their story and that of their activity. Discover the city from a different point of view and hear how the ladies experience running their own business, what original ideas they have and what drives them.


A story about entrepreneurship, passion, bringing life to the city, survival and always looking for new solutions. Where possible, we let the ladies speak for themselves.


Rising names like Bonom, Oak Oak, Farm Prod,... all make an appearance. How do they brighten up the streetscape, what motivates them and what is the story behind the works and the artist. A walk that takes you to the smaller back streets and some 'hidden' places and that also shows you a colourful part of the city.


A very accessible and surprising walk that leaves plenty of room for your own interpretation.

ECOBAZAAR | Circular Economy

New sustainable projects are popping up like mushrooms. Projects that focus on circularity, fair fashion, recycling, urban farming, ...


The ideal walk for those interested in sustainability, who want to see what options exist and how simple it can sometimes be. The intention is to inspire you and to let you go home with a lot of new ideas and enthusiasm to do things differently.

BRASSEN IN BRUSSELS | Beer, bars and breweries

10 years ago there was only 1 brewery in Brussels. Meanwhile, there are interesting newcomers. We often find them in neighborhoods that are undergoing a true transformation themselves.


Depending on the day and district, there is a choice of a number of café visits or brewery visits.

TROTTOIR WINDOW | Art and fashion

Brussels has a lot to offer in terms of fun fashion, design and cool shops. We show you our favorite and local addresses and take you through the smaller streets of Brussels.


In some places we also meet the person behind the shop window.

FREESTYLE | Combine themes

Choose a neighborhood and combine different themes. The stories are adapted to the interests of the group.