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Online Brassen in Brussels - pre-registration

Online beer tasting of a number of Brussels beers. The beers can be delivered in advance.
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Online Brassen in Brussels - pre-registration


Via Zoom - link will be forwarded later.


Bazaar Trottoir wants to bring life to the brewery in your home.

How? By making a selection in advance from a number of Brussels beers, having them delivered to your home and then telling all about the brewery and the beer online while we taste together.

We do this together with Charlotte from Brewdelicious who, as a beer sommelier and brewer, knows a lot about beer. She will also tell you which flavors go well with the beer and how best to taste it. Bazaar Trottoir takes you back into the story of the brewery and beers in Brussels.

We keep it light and fun but immediately ensure that you can taste a responsible beer.

This event takes place online , via zoom. The date has not yet been set, but we would like to check out the interest. Register here and we will keep you informed of the event.

Also let us know which package you prefer:

  1. 24 bottles - 50 € *
  2. 12 bottles - 25 € *
  3. 6 bottles - 12.5 € *
  4. We provide our beers ourselves.

* Prices are a realistic estimate, delivery costs not included.

  • Pre-registration

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